Jason Markkula purchased The Bank in Hendricks in early 2007. The Building constructed in 1900 was in great disrepair and after a complete overhaul contains a bathroom in the original vault and sleeping quarters in the office area and a 15 foot oak bar in the lobby.

The Bank was completed in Sept 2008. Sitting at the bar, Jason was dared by a close friend to start a beer company that would strive to give back to conservation and our heritage. Today Jason continues that quest, to build a company built on the premise that we should give back and leave a legacy bigger than ourselves, a company that devotes its energy to preserving land for future generations.

The Bank Beer Company was conceived in the fall of 2008 over beers in the newly remodeled Bank Inn Hunting lodge on Main Street Hendricks. The Bank Hunting Lodge is located on Main Street Hendricks and is the former location of Irene's Cafe and the Original State Bank of Hendricks.

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Our Style:  Nothing against ales, in fact we have brewed several, we simply prefer the smoothness of a good lager beer and enjoy the fine flavor. The extra effort and time to brew smooth well rounded beers is our pride. We don't overly hop our beers which increases the drinkability.

Lager comes from the German word Lagern which means "to store." Hundreds of years ago the beer was stored in cold cellars to mellow the flavors and to keep it fresh, hence the name "lager." Lager is generally gold colored but can be darker; we even brew a black lager.

Our Ingredients:   We believe the product is a reflection of the brewer's choice of ingredients.

Bank Brewing enjoys making fine beer, and seeks unique flavors, colors and body. We only use handcrafted specialty malts. We chose to use American hops and malts from the finest American suppliers.

Our Brewmaster:  Jason Markkula started brewing his lager beers in a test kitchen at his home. With a starter home brew kit from a friend and converted refrigerator he developed the unique brews you can buy today. Jason enjoys all styles of beer but, finds himself gravitating predominantly to craft lagers.
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