Walleye Chop on… Drinking good beer and giving back to Wildlife.

Here in Minnesota a Little Lager with big taste can make your wildlife grow legally, but you must be 21 to contribute to the effort. Bank Beer Company was modeled after a solid town and its values in Hendricks Minnesota. A quiet town near the South Dakota border, a thriving community that supports its own. Folks here work at a pace that gets things done. Committed to the premise that we should give back and leave a legacy bigger than ourselves -- this small true American Company is born to:

Make beer in America; Sell beer in America; and Give back to America.

"We know that great beer is defined not only by what you put into it, but by what you do with it.  We plan to develop a tradition of delivering quality beer brands and advancing our commitment to supporting wildlife conservation. The heart of conservation is protecting lands that are threatened." says company owner, Jason Markkula.

Bank Beer and their new featured brand, Walleye Chop, are devoted to Pheasants Forever's Build a Wildlife Area campaign. One hundred percent (100%) of its profits will go towards wildlife conservation in the BWA campaign. Pheasants Forever Started BWA in 2003 and has purchased over 4300 acres.

Bank Beer's first product was Rooster Lager, sold from October through April was able to generate thousands of dollars for Pheasants Forever. The Build a Wildlife area campaign buys tracts of land and turns them into wildlife areas that all citizens can use and enjoy. The Pheasants Forever's Build A Wildlife Area gets matching grants from the MN DNR and the USFWS. So, when you buy a 12-pack of Beer For Wildlife, the profits are donated to BWA and that money is matched by state and federal agencies. In this way dollars from Bank Beer are tripled and used for the purchase of wildlife areas that you can use and enjoy.

Beer For Wildlife Founder, Jason Markkula urges everyone to, "Join us today and drink a great beer for wildlife. We are set to build a company that devotes its profits to land acquisition by working through the Build a Wildlife Area campaign from the Pheasants Forever organization." Markkula says, "Every time you purchase a product ask yourself; Is this a company I want to support, or is there a better choice that is more in line with my values?"

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